Poppers "Rights and duties of those who want to learn from their fellow human beings

In the future I will write blog entries. Since I have a comment function I would like to state that the following communication rules should be followed. This seems to me, in particular also after some debates within German sociology.

Popper can't believe it

  1. Everyone has the right to the most favorable interpretation of his words.
  2. Whoever seeks to understand others, let no man imply to him that he approves that’s why their behavior.
  3. To the right of being heard out, one has the duty to be brief.
  4. Everyone should say in advance under what circumstances he would be prepared, to be convinced.
  5. However you choose the words, it’s not very important; it depends, to be understood.
  6. Take no man at his word, but take seriously, what he meant.
  7. There should never be a dispute about words, at most about problems, that are behind it.
  8. Criticism must always be concrete.
  9. Nobody is to be taken seriously who has made himself unassailable, ie. immunized, against criticism.
  10. One should make a difference between polemics, which reinterpret what was said and criticism that seeks to understand the other.
  11. Criticism should not be rejected, nor should it only be endured, but one should look for it.
  12. Every criticism is to be taken seriously, even that which has been made with evil intent; for the discovery of a mistake can only be useful to us.

From: Popper, K. R.: Rights and duties of those who learn from their fellow human beings want,in: Enlightenment and Critique, 1 (1994) 1, p. 119

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